The Magnum LED Headlight IL-2399

The Magnum delivers the brightest white light available, white light being essential to successful surgical outcomes, via a homogeneous spot for true tissue color rendition.

Price: $2550.00



w/ AC:


Detachable Joy stick

5000°K Color Temperature

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Built without compromise

The fourth option in IsoLux’s successful line of LED headlights for the discerning surgeon. LED operation allows the user, the freedom, to be untethered from a light source due to its battery-operated design.

Up to 70,000 Lux at a 12″/30cm working distance
Audible and vibrating warning when battery life is low
Carrying / shipping case for storage and protection
Optical Module with variable spot size: 10mm-110mm @ 12″/30cm
Optional back up AC version is available to protect against battery failure
Lightweight battery packs(x2)with clip on holster provide 3hr 30 min of continuous light eachat Hiintensity level

Product Specifications

CRI (Color Rendition Index)


Light Output @ 16″

38K Lux

Joy stick detachable

For easy spot movement

Two battery controllers shipped

On each order to enable 7 hours or continuous operation at Hi intensity

Battery and Holster Weight

12oz/ 350 grams

Color Temperature


Optical Module Weight

9oz/ 250 grams

Power Pack Operating Time

3.2hrs @ High (using original charger)

3hrs @ High (using AC/DC charger)

Three Intensity Levels

30K lux, 50K Lux and70K Lux, all @12″ / 30cm

Power Packs Per System


Light Output @ 12″

70K Lux

Lightweight Comfortable

Headband with washable foam inserts

Power Pack Charge Time

3.6 hrs (using original charger)

2hrs 57mins (using AC/DC charger)


Three (3) Years on LED Headlight and One (1) Year on Battery Pack

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