IsoLED Plus+ LED Headlight IL-2410

Portable and lightweight IsoLED Plus+ Headlight allows for higher power wit up to 35KLux at 300mm.




w/ Carrying Case:


w/ AC:


w/ Carrying Case & AC:


Optimal Efficiency

Briliant color rendition

Adjustable Light Intensity

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Built without compromise

Our head mounted IsoLED Plus+ is of higher power (up to 40KLux at 300mm) with a variable spot size of 10-110mm. Ideal for all small surgical procedures and examinations.

Lightweight with 15 years of proven optics

Battery carried at the waist to reduce neck strain

2 batteries supplied for continuous operation

Intensity variable from 3-100% to reduce eye strain

CRI more than 90 to give the best tissue rendition

Mounting links to accommodate loupes and align for surgeons line of vision

40,000 Lux @ 300mm

CRI (Color Rendition Index)


Light Output @ 16″

23K Lux


Headlight 290 grams

Battery pack 190 grams

Power Packs Per System


Color Temperature

4000 º K

Size (control unit/battery pack)

4.25” x 2.7” x 1.1”

Power Pack Operating Time

>4hrs @ Max (using original charger)

4hrs 15mins (using AC/DC charger)

Light Output @ 12″

41K Lux

Power Pack Charge Time

2.2 hrs (using original charger)

2hrs 43mins (using AC/DC charger)

Intensity Range

20% to 100%

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