Illuminate an examination and operation area in the best possible way with a flexible gooseneck and high-performance LED lighting.

Price: $1,125.00

Close-up highlighting the flexible neck and 3 LED bulbs.

Built without compromise

Mobile examination light with goose neck flex
Intensity variation of 3-100%
CRI of more than 90 to give the best tissue rendition
Battery life over 4 hours
100,000 Lux @300mm
Available with a wall mount

State-of-the-art smart

The high-efficiency design allows for reduced energy consumption and surpasses Energy Star Requirements. The 3 – LED Light Engine provides for better than 100,000 lux illumination at 12” from its aperture, as well as a Color Rendition Index (CRI) of 95. Excellent for diagnostics.
50,000 hours LED life provides for a maintenance free device
Built with precision
Flexible design for infinite mobility
4 hourss of continuous operation at maximum light intensity

Optimal Efficiency

Color temperature 5500 – 6500 K

Adjustable Light Intensity

Photo showcasing the sleek design, power switch, and long flexible neck of the Flex III.

Product Specifications

# of LEDs

3 Warm White LED

Light Intensity

12” x 100,000 LUX

Operating Temperature

-10 º C to +50 º C

Working Distance

12” to 24”

Color Temperature

4000 to 4500 º K


3 % to 100 %


Meets Energy Star Guidelines

Electrical Power

14.4 volts Battery Pack (4 x 3.7 cells) rechargeable ion lithium batteries – 2.6 A-Hour Capacity

CRI (Color Rendition Index)

95 Typical

LEDs Life

> Over 50,000 Hours


On/Off power switch and Brightness Control

Minimum Operating Time

8 hours of continuous operation at the maximum light intensity

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