About Us

IsoLux LLC – Manufacturers of Reliable, High-Quality Illumination Products

IsoLux LLC has been manufacturing a range of medical-surgical headlights, video cameras and examination lights successfully since 2003. Our roots are based on Xenon and optics technologies. IsoLux has recently added a new range of IsoLED products to its offerings. All of IsoLux’s products are rugged, offer great color rendition and are made in the USA at our Florida facility. Quality is paramount in our design and material selection. Since IsoLux’s inception, customer’s costs have been a concern and IsoLux, as a business, was specifically structured to avoid adding wasteful dollars to product costs.

In each year of business, IsoLux LLC has introduced new products focused on improving user’s illumination. Our products are designed to be durable, dependable and comfortable within the environments in which they are used. IsoLux owes its success to concentrating on quality in our core technologies and offering a range of products that exhibit our strengths.

IsoLux llc is privately owned and operated and has been since its beginning …when you partner with IsoLux …there is no middleman …call or email us… we’d be delighted to light your way!

An IsoLED Headlamp from IsoLux LLC